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Welcome to FAQ. The information below should answer most of the common questions you may have about the Gallery. We urge you to read it immediately, or check this list before contacting by email at

Q: What is
A: is a bangladeshi online photo sharing gallery and photo hosting service, enabling mainly armature photographers from Bangladesh to store and share creative photos on Bangladesh to world. Photos in the gallery are presented in an elegant and stylish manner. Also, photos can be sent to someone of your choice by the means of eCards.

Q: How photos are organized at
A: Registered user uploads their photos to members personal album. Selected photos are copied to the appropriated predefined album like 'Natural Beauties', 'Children' etc by team. That's how it works.

Q: How do I add/upload own photos to
A: If you are not already logged in, login to Click the 'Your album' link to navigate to your personal album. You will see a link 'Add a Photo!' on bottom-right region of album page. Click on the 'Add a Photo!' links to upload your photo. Then follow the instructions in this upload photo page. You may enter a title, keywords, and description. That is your option. It makes it easier for other users to find your photos if you use good keywords and descriptions.

Q: What is the maximum size of a single image/photo, I can upload?
A: The maximum size of image that allow you to upload is 1MB . But we suggest you use images smaller than this limit.

Q: Where (in which album) should I upload my photos?
A: You should upload photos to your member album. Link to your personal album is displayed in album page at bottom left corner label 'Your Album', after you login. Your member album can be accessed directly at

Q: Can I upload my photos directly to 'category albums' such as 'Landscape', 'Places' etc?
A: Unfortunately currently are unable to allow user to upload photo directly to 'Category Album'. Registered user uploads their photos to member's personal album. Selected photos are copied to the appropriated predefined album like 'Landscape', 'Places' etc by team.

Q: How do I access My Personal Gallery or photos?
A: After login you will be automatically forwarded to your personal album. Alternately once login, you will see a link 'Your Album' at the bottom left corner of the album page. This will take you to your personal album. You can also access your gallery directly by using the following URL:

Q: How do I share my Member gallery or photos(s) with others?
A: You can share your gallery address with friends and family by sending them the following URL:

Q: How do I share my specific photos(s) with others?
A: Photos can be easily embedded in digital photography and camera related community discussion boards by copying the Photo URL found on browser location bar and pasting it in the forum message.
Many forums need that you put the Photo URL between [IMG] tags, for example

Q: Why my personal album is location at instead of
A: Due to the increasing registered member; we have decided (with few exception) to move personal album created more than a month ago and containing less than five photo to a special album called ‘Small Photo Album’ located at You simply upload more quality photo on Bangladesh and your album will be moved back to original location.

Q: How long can I keep my photos with
A: As long as you decide. This might be subject to the Terms of Service of

Q: What file types of photos can I upload to the photo gallery?
A: Photos need to end in one of two file types: .jpg or .gif.

Q: Can I edit a photo once it is uploaded?
A: You cannot change the photo in any way. But you can change the title, keywords, and description. First login and bring your photo you wish to edit up and click on the “Edit Photo” button.

Q: How much free space do I get to upload my photos?
A: Each registered user gets 35MB free space to upload photo. If you need more space just send a email to asking for more space. We will provide more space completely free.

Q: How can I tell when my Photo Gallery is getting full?
A: When you upload a photo using Home->Login->Edit->Add Items, it shows how much space you have left. You have a total of 35 MB free space initially.

Q: My Photo Gallery is getting full, can I delete photos?
A: Yes. First login and navigate to you album. Select ‘Delete Photo’ from ‘Item Actions’ drop down list. That’s it. Just remember, once you click to delete the photo, it is gone.

Q: I can't find the answer to my question in this FAQ, whom do I contact?
A: Send us an email to us at and we will reply in the shortest possible delay.

Last update: April 16, 2022